Learn To Grow Edible Mushroom @ Home

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Mode of Conduct:  Face to Face
Group Size: *This course has a minimum of 10 participants in order to proceed. All sales are final and non-refundable*
Duration:  7 hrs
Price  $198 per pax
Programme Highlights:
  1. What is a Mushroom, Plant or Fungi?
  2. Why You Should Eat Mushrooms
  3. Mushroom Nanny vs Mushroom Growers
  4. 4 Steps Process in a Mushroom Cultivation
  5. Do’s & Don’ts When Growing Mushrooms
  6. Hands-on:
    • How to prepare media solution.
    • How to perform tissue culture.
    • How to prepare grain for inoculation.
    • How to perform inoculation of grains.
    • How to prepare substrate.
    • How to prepare substrate using localize waste.
    • How to care & maintain mushroom fruiting bags.
What is included
  1. A PDA media.
  2. A tissue culture.
  3. An inoculated grain.
  4. A colonized spawn grain.
  5. A mushroom grow kit.
  6. A localize waste stream fruiting bag.
  7. A ‘self pack’ substrate in mason jar.
  8. Instructional methods included.
  • *Please bring along a mason jar for substrate production.
  • *3 weeks advance notice is required to prepare for the logistics to grow mushroom.

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