MWA ESG Partnership Program

Dr. Kenneth Lee, Deputy Director at ARPA & Tech.
Dr. Teo Kim Tat, Assistant Director for Tech & Industry.
Ms. Mariam, Assistant Director for CE, Seahmala and Jen Yan, who have graced our Fungi Agriculture Center of Innovation with their visit.

Welcome to the MWA ESG Partnership Program

Empower Individuals with Autism

Sponsor our special needs education and employment programs, providing individuals with autism the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to society.

MWA will offer opportunities for partners to sponsor individuals with autism who will receive training, education, and employment opportunities at MWA. Sponsors will be recognized as “Social Impact Partners.”

Foster Eco-Sustainability

Support our sustainable mushroom cultivation projects that promote environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, and a healthier planet.

Partners can sponsor MWA’s sustainable mushroom cultivation projects, contributing to environmental and sustainability goals. Sponsors will be recognized as “Eco-Sustainability Partners.”

Customize Your Impact

Partner with us to co-create tailor-made ESG initiatives that align with your organization’s values and priorities.

Partners can collaborate with MWA to co-create specific ESG initiatives that align with their corporate or organizational values and objectives. This can include joint events, awareness campaigns, or research projects.

  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ESG performance.
  • Positive brand image and reputation as a responsible and socially conscious organization.
  • Access to MWA’s expertise in mushroom cultivation and special needs education.
  • Opportunities for employee engagement and volunteerism in ESG initiatives.
  • The satisfaction of contributing to the social and environmental well-being of the community.

    Receive a response within 3-5 days when you fill out the form on this page.

    Or, give us a call: 90267911