Originator >> Principal Founder

Born from Liam’s deep fascination with the intricate world of mycology, Mushroom World Academy (MWA) has flourished across Singapore and Phuket, Thailand. Driven by a steadfast belief in democratizing the benefits of mushrooms, MWA transcends mere cultivation – it’s a transformative journey into the heart of these remarkable organisms.

Liam’s unwavering mission fuels MWA: to nurture, harvest, and share the extraordinary potential of mushrooms with meticulous care and infectious enthusiasm. This mission extends beyond delectable dishes, flourishing in the empowerment of individuals to cultivate their own fungal bounty.

MWA offers not just produce, but a gateway to a vibrant community united by a shared passion for these enigmatic organisms. Join us on this journey to unlock the magic of the mushroom world and cultivate a future brimming with sustainable wellness and delicious possibilities.