Jezz Lee

Guardians of Green >> Eco-Event Ambassador

With a background in logistics, particularly in project management within the oil & gas sector, I’ve learned the importance of proactive planning to address both manageable and uncontrollable challenges, such as international regulations. This awareness has highlighted the significance of research and information gathering to overcome these obstacles effectively.

On a personal note, I neglected my own health but eventually realized the need for a transformative journey, thankfully achieved through dietary changes rather than medication. This experience taught me a valuable lesson: the exchange rate between health and wealth is highly favorable when you’re young but becomes unfavorable as you age.

I am deeply passionate about promoting a preventive health management mindset, emphasizing the connection between our diet, habits, and our overall well-being. Pre-aging is an emerging concern, and global issues like climate change threaten the sustainability of our food chain. That’s why I envision Mushroom World Academy as a platform to raise awareness about preventive measures through food and eco-activities, empowering individuals to take control of their health and contribute to a more sustainable environment.